Team Leadership Role Request Form

Machestic Dragon Team Leadership Role Request Form

  • Members are greatly encouraged to volunteer for Team Leadership Roles that are vital to ensure “smooth sailing”

    This form will be sent to Race Committee member, Sally Arnold to submit to the Board for consideration and confirmation.

    For multiple requests of the same role and date, the Board will make the assignment and inform team members as soon as possible prior to an event.

    Leadership Role quick descriptions: (Note: Please review Team Leadership Roles on the separate full page list of responsibilities before volunteering for a role)

    Race Captain - Specific to one racing event and a separate Race Captain is needed for each Machestic Dragon team participating in the event. Responsible to take care of the team at the event/works with Race Coordinator.

    Race Coordinator - Specific to one racing event and identifies as the CONTACT PERSON for team members to coordinate with prior to a race event and at an event when the Race Captain occupied away from the team site. Works with Race Captain.
  • Please consider me for the Team Leadership Role of: