Race Coordinator

Team Leadership Role – Race Coordinator

The Race Coordinator role is specific to one racing event and identifies as the contact person for team members to coordinate with prior to a race event and during the event at times when the Race Captain is not at the team site.

1. Works with Race Captain to ensure the team is registered and paid as through board approval and treasurer payment. Contact the Board President for further guidance or referral to another board member.

2. Post Captain/Coordinator names and contact info on Sign Up Genius and keep record of sign-ups using SUG. Keep an ongoing list of paddlers and include notation of completed pre-race waivers for each. (Ensure participants receive directions for the pre-race waiver directions for on-line liability release forms or making available print copies of liability release forms as the event requires).

3. Collect any print copies of liability release forms and submit them to the Race Captain for race-day team registration. Keep a copy of completed liability release forms (if not done electronically).

4. Works with Race Captain to keep team informed of any info needed before the day of race. For example, projected starting times of first race and number, projected scheduling, and distances of races included in the event.

5. Oversees arrangements for equipment needed at the race site, e.g., tents, tables, banners, and other materials from team storage.

6. For away races where the team might be staying overnight-Find lodging info and share with team members and help coordinate carpooling for out of town races.

7. For reference if interested — International Dragon Boat Federation www.idbf.org and US Dragon Boat Federation www.USDBF.com competition and racing rules.

8. Relax, have fun… this is not a hard job and when partnered with a Captain and the coach, it is a great learning experience!

To be considered for this position, please complete the Machestic Dragon Team Leadership Role Request Form