Race Coordinator

Team Leadership Role- Race Coordinator

The Race Coordinator role is specific to one racing event and identifies as the contact person for team members to coordinate with prior to a race event and during the event at times when the Race Captain is not at the team site.

1. Works with Race Captain to ensure the team is registered and paid as needed. Contact the Board President for further guidance or referral to another board member.

2. Recruit paddlers to fill the boat(s) including drummer and steerer as needed for the specific event. The Breast Cancer Survivor (BCS) boat should be ideally all survivors but may include some women supporters and the Mixed Team boat generally must have no more than 8 men. However-confirm the guidelines that apply to the race venue you are coordinating (which should be posted on the race event website) they may differ.

3. Post Captain/Coordinator names and contact info and keep record of sign-ups using the Machestic Dragons website Team Calendar- info on use and access will be granted for your event Post an ongoing list of member participants include notation of completed pre-race waivers for each. (Ensure participants receive directions for the pre-race waiver directions for on-line liability release forms or making available print copies of liability release forms as the event requires).

4. Use Team Calendar (open event/more details/description) to keep Race Captain, Board and team informed of need for additional persons including inviting paddlers from other teams when appropriate.

5. Works with Race Captain to keep team informed of any info needed before the day of race. For example, projected starting times of first race and number, projected scheduling, and distances of races included in the event.

6. Collect any print copies of liability release forms and submit them to the Race Captain for race-day team registration. Keep a copy of completed liability release forms.

7. Collects fees (rare occasion) and coordinate with treasurer to keep records of registration fees in cases where the fee is the responsibility of individual team members. Checks payable to Machestic Dragons.

8. Oversees arrangements for equipment needed at the race site, e.g., tent, banners, and other materials from team storage. Checklist is on Machestics website (Member Area) and in the Machestic storage unit. Contact the Board President for storage location and access information.

9. Arrange lodging (and group meals when needed)-contact Board President for guidance.

10. Coordinates carpooling for out of town races. Provides list of team room arrangements and
cell phone contact numbers.
11. Have a working knowledge of the International Dragon Boat Federation www.idbf.org and the United States Dragon Boat Federation www.usdbf.org competition and racing rules.