Race Captain

Team Leadership Role- Race Captain

The Race Captain role is specific to one away racing event AND a separate Race Captain is needed for each Machestic Dragon team (BCS or Mixed) participating the event. The Captain’s responsibility is to take care of the team at the event and should be available to the team at all times (excluding time for Captains’ meetings, interface with race officials, other official business, and reasonable breaks for meals and personal needs-then the Race Coordinator will stand in).

1. Submit (preferably by email) the Team Leadership Role Request Form to the Board President and receive confirmation from a Board Member of appointment of Race Captain. Race Captain requests should be well in advance of a race date, at the beginning of the season if possible.

2. Works with Race Coordinator to ensure the team is registered and paid as needed. Contact the Board President for further guidance or referral to another board member.

3. Works with Race Coordinator to ensure that paddlers are recruited and critical roles are filled as needed—drummer, steerer, etc. and be fully familiar with the rules of the race venue which should be posted on the race event website.

4. Determines seating of our team in the boat and each person assigned in the boat practices with the entire away team at least once before the race event.

5. Works with Race Coordinator to keep team informed of any info needed before the day of race. For example, projected starting times of first race and number, projected scheduling, and distance of races included in the event.

6. On race day, registers the team, completes the roster form and collects waivers as required by the event and distributes the team participant wristbands.

7. Represents team at captain’s meeting and all other interface with race officials and communicates all pertinent information to the team.

8. Sets team meeting times and facilitates pre-race team meetings. One initial meeting, then meet 15 minutes prior to marshalling for each race.

9. Informs team of location of First Aid Station and other pertinent safety information at the start of the day from the Captain Meeting information. In particular the inclement weather procedure.

10. Designates person(s) to lead warm-up and stretching activities prior to each race event.

11. Coordinates race day strategy with strokers, drummer and steerer; and is encouraged to coordinate preparation for race with Practice Manager and team coaches at practices.

12. Ensures team gets to marshaling on time and oversees line up and boarding of the boat.

13. Facilitates de-briefing following each race heat assuring all team members have an opportunity to share. Provide positive and constructive feedback.

14. Have a working knowledge of the International Dragon Boat Federation www.idbf.org and US Dragon Boat Federation www.USDBF.com competition and racing rules.

In the event a registration fee for a race is required to be paid by individual participants, the Race Captain (and Race Coordinator) registration fee will be paid by the Machestic Dragons.