Practice Manager

Team Leadership Role- Practice Manager

Oversee tasks and operations at practices at the lake-our beach and trailer.
Tasks can be delegated, but the Practice Manager is responsible to ensure all are completed.

1. Unlock trailer and ensure all necessary equipment (paddles, pfd’s, butt pads, lightening detector and waivers) is available and coordinate preparation for practice with coach. The lock combo will be given to you when chosen to be a manager.

2. Arrange 2 persons to retrieve the boat(s) from mooring.
Take the raft (stored in trailer) out to the boats, unlock boat(s) needed and bring to shore.

3. Ensure safety rules are reviewed at each practice:
All persons on the boat wear Coast Guard approved PFDs
Only one person moves/changes position in the boat at a time
Protocol for emergency: Stay calm and with boat in event of capsize
Buddy up and account for all
Waterproof phone should be on boat, Coach or member

4. Confirm paddlers have signed a waiver and connect new paddlers with an experienced buddy.

5. Maintain the sign up list of persons attending the practice and have list for coach to sign in. Clipboard and sign in sheet is in the trailer.

6. Conduct team warms up and stretches every time before getting on the boat – you can lead, assign a leader or warm up/stretches can be led by various individuals. Some members know the exercises or use the exercise guide sheet in the trailer to be consistent and avoid possible harmful movements.
Uses warm-up time for pep talk, sharing update info, team building, etc.

7. Oversee line up of paddlers and loading of boat on time for scheduled practice.
Boat loading considerations:
Line up on shore first like we do for races-important for all to understand.
Place right side and left side only paddlers first, then fill with either side paddlers.
Strokers in the front row, middle rows (engine) experienced and rear rows less experienced.
Proper weight distribution-side to side and not too heavy in the front.

8. Arrange 2 persons to return boat(s) to mooring and ensure they are tied and locked. Store all equipment and raft; lock up trailer.

9. Designate an alternate Practice Manager in the event of anticipated absence from practice. A list of alternates and contact info will be provided as available on in the Members Area documents.

10. Keep board members informed of any questions, special needs (equipment, etc.) or concerns including the need to mediate concerns that may arise among participants. Email or speak to any board member within 48 hours to facilitate timely addressing of any issues.