United Strength Academy

Rose Dey, United Strength Academy

“Faith, Family, Fitness” would be a quick snapshot of Rose Dey. Who else would spend her honeymoon on a church mission to a remote area in South America? Rose also attempts to move mountains to be there for her children, the youngest of whom is now 17. And, Rose is an expert when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

A people-person interested in helping others, Rose has become a professional trainer with more than 15 years in the business of fitness – group classes and one-on-one personal training. A former Gold’s Gym trainer, Rose joined with two other veteran trainers in 2012 to form the United Strength Academy (USA) on Route 130 So. in Windsor, NJ. The business’s motto is “Train Like a Warrior” which, using the Army’s turn of phrase, means “Be All You Can Be.” The principals’ goals are essentially to reach one’s potential using the formula, “Strengthen you, Condition you, and Challenge you” to help build yourself into a stronger, healthier and more confident person.

In the fall of 2013, Rose approached the Machestic Dragons to donate her specially-designed and varied 10-week fitness program, once per week for 1 hour each. She designed the program so that many exercises could be done at home without special equipment. She intentionally kept the class small enough to ensure that every participant could receive her personal attention. After the overwhelming favorable response in 2013, Rose conducted a 12-week program for the Machestic Dragons from January through mid-April. Another session is planned after the close of the paddling season in late fall. Rose’s approach is to encourage a strong effort, proper technique, and reasonable repetitions as opposed to power, speed or activity that potentially can put the participant at any risk for injury. Always sensitive to those who may be struggling in their recovery process or hampered with temporary injury, Rose always gives alternative methods for performing an activity/exercise to accommodate participant needs while still reaping the benefits of the exercise.

The challenge of the USA fitness program is to “make you comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Under her guidance, the participating Machestic Dragons have found that they have been able to push themselves to higher levels and improve their fitness individually, as a training partner, and as a team member. To show her interest and commitment to breast cancer survivors, Rose has completed a program for Specialty Certification in Cancer Fitness Training.

Rose Dey has been a strong paddler with a local community dragon boat team, competing the last few years at the Machestic Dragons annual “Paddle for Pink” Community Dragon Boat Festival in June. This year, she will also be participating as a new Machestic Dragon member. The Machestic Dragons appreciate Rose Dey’s expertise and interest. She does indeed demonstrate her mantra – Faith, Family, Fitness – with skill, grace, generosity, and caring. And, the Machestic Dragons will enthusiastically attest that the results of her efforts do indeed make a difference…in many ways!

For more information on United Strength Academy see their website or call 609-443-8529.